Vlad B (vinnipuh) wrote,
Vlad B

Monhegan Island - Memorial Day 2008, 4th visit.

The quietest(and most enjoyable) trip to the Island yet - other than a few groups of Bridwatchers, there were almost no tourists. Are gas prices the reason? For previous visit, see October 2006 post.

Marshall Point Lighthouse near Port Clyde - the gateway harbor.

Loading the Mail Boat

Afloat on the "Laura B"

The Town Library

One of the few Island vehicles

An outhouse?

Cathedral Woods


Pebble Beach

Lobster fishermen

Poem on the local message board

The South Coast - some of the highest sea cliffs in North America

Another view of the Shipwreck

Typical Island Humor

Quite literally, a sea-dog

The Rest
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