Vlad B (vinnipuh) wrote,
Vlad B

Madame Sherri's "Castle" - one of NH's best kept secrets

If this is not the perfect playground for AD&D/roleplaying geeks, I don't know what is :)

Madame Sherri was an extravagant Broadway costume designer whose fortunes turned for the worse in the 1950's when her infamous summer mansion near Brattleboro, VT burned down. Her story in greater detail:
, and portrait.

As you can see, the ruins are quite evocative and appear to be a lot more ancient than they actually are. They'd make for a good film set in just about any time period. They are also not easy to find without clear directions, thus under-attended :)

Madam Sherri's forest grounds also include two sizable ponds,

a canyon,

and a striking mountain (Mt. Wantastiquet) with views of three states :

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