Vlad B (vinnipuh) wrote,
Vlad B

Plymouth Notch, VT, Jan. 2009

This tiny village has been preserved with few alterations since the days of Calvin Coolidge, a.k.a. "Silent Cal", who was born, sworn in as President, and died here. The sole road is unpaved.

On the day of our visit, there was not a person in sight.

A hill just outside the village makes for a good sledding spot:

Coolidge's grave, much simpler than most other US Presidents

One of the weirdest gravestones in New England (and a bit spooky) : "Gorg Oruzha, died in 1930.
Wif died 1928"

His burial place is set apart from others and the lettering faces the opposite direction from the rest. It looks like it's been carved by a stick in concrete, by someone barely literate.

Was Gorg Oruzha an outcast, a poor foreigner? Some internet research revealed that Gorg is a Maltese name, and the only occurrence of last name Oruzha that I found was Ukranian.
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