Vlad B (vinnipuh) wrote,
Vlad B

Scary Soviet Cartoon from the 50's

It made a huge impression on me back then, after seeing it only once, some 30 years ago. In the Youtube era, having no idea what it was called, I pretty much gave up on trying to find it. Yesterday I stumbled upon it by accident while researching some famous Russian voice-over actors, and had a hunch that maybe that was it.

The funny thing is how selective memory is... I don't remember almost anything from the last 5 minutes (maybe these scenes were simply too scary and I blocked them out), or even the magical item central to the plot. What I always did remember (not well enough to Google it correctly) was the name of the evil witch, the dark sky and craggy mountains, the little girl running around in distress, and the scene with the running animals/bear which lasts maybe 2 seconds.
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